Homemade Cheez Its!

Time to Celebrate Christmas With Delicious Cookies

Christmas is the ideal time of celebration, meeting the family members and enjoying the time with friends. It is the oldest tradition of presenting the gifts of delicious and moist cookies to another family on the eve of Christmas.

Louisiana’s Praline Cooking Recipe

One of Louisiana’s traditions is making the dessert called Praline. It is creamy, sweet and easy to make. It brings back family together.

The Many Facets of Enchiladas

The enchilada is such a highly versatile recipe, I just love to talk about them all the time. There’s so many random recipes out there, how do know what the best is? And what exactly is the secret to making the perfect enchilada?

Peanut Blossom Cookies: Perfect for Christmas

As the time of Christmas gets nearer, it’s time to think about baking Christmas cookies. Cookies could become the ideal Christmas gift if made in a proper way. Apart from being a wonderful gift, it can be taken to the office and enjoyed during the coffee break.

Broccoli Soup Recipe

This soup is a delicious savory liquid served as a starter. This recipe is made from fresh Broccoli vegetable. Broccoli is widely available in most of the western countries.

2 Ridiculously Fruity Cheesecake Recipes

Cheesecake is first mentioned in ancient Greece by the physician Aegimus, who wrote the very first book on the subject on how to make a cheesecake. The ancients Greeks even used them for religious ceremonies, which shows just how highly regarded the things were! Personally, I’ve always found the word combination of cheese/cake to be incredibly confusing, for the simple fact that in my mind cheese could never taste like a cake no matter what you did to it, and secondly because cheesecake generally doesn’t taste anything like your average bit of cheddar.

2 Awesome Tomato Sauce Recipes for Pasta

Most people buy tomato sauce in a can or bottle from the supermarket and never think twice about making their own. Some people even use it as-is, without adding anything! Well, I’m here to give you some other options.

Pork Roast Leftovers With Dumplings and Gravy

Do you have roast pork leftovers? They can make a delicious meal with gravy and dumplings.

Roast Pork in Cider With Apple Vegetables

It can be had any time of the year, especially when succulent apples are in season. You do not need to buy a pre-basted or flavored joint, there is no need to buy made-up gravy or gravy granules, and you definitely do not need to slave for hours in the kitchen to cook a meal pretty much from scratch. This whole meal takes relatively little of your time.

What Is an Enchilada? – And One Tasty Authentic Enchilada Recipe

The term “enchilada” actually just means “dipped in chilli”, and making enchiladas is so easy that the Mexicans even have a saying – “estas no son enchiladas” – “these are not enchiladas”, meaning something is not easy. Though you could be forgiven for thinking tacos and enchiladas are one and the same, in fact the enchilada is traditionally made from a larger variety of ingredients, such as chicken, fish, or beans. Taco’s however are usually made exclusively from various cuts of beef.

Quick and Delicious Home Made Recipes

We all love great homemade food, but that doesn’t always have to mean hours of hustle and bustle in the kitchen — sometimes you just want to prepare something quick and delicious to keep everyone fed, watered and happy! So here we’re going to look at a couple of quick ideas for some yummy shakes and snacks to enhance your other creations.

The Best Christmas Pudding You Have Ever Tasted-The All Year Healthy Option

Many people don’t like Christmas pudding and many more would not attempt to make one. I believe the reason for this is that the traditional Christmas pudding is a stodgy dessert which is the last thing most people feel like eating after a heavy meal.

Homemade Recipes for Fast Fantastic Food

It’s brilliant to be able to make some great homemade food, from great, elaborate dishes, down to simple and tasty food. Here we’re going to look at a few recipes to replicate fast food in your own kitchen– and in doing so, give you the control to make it healthier and tastier at the same time too!

Check Out This Home Made Recipe for Octopus

Cooking delicious food in your home is a great skill that you can use to wow your family and friends– and let’s face it, although it’s not as easy as getting a take-out, it can be pretty fun as well! By taking the reins you can tailor your food to your own precise tastes and those of your guests. In this article we’re going to look at a recipe for a delicious garlic octopus– because you shouldn’t have to go to a restaurant to enjoy such a delicacy!

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