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Make a Nut Free Diet – Low Carb Recipes With No Nuts

It is a good idea to make a nut free diet when you are allergic to nuts. Many mainstream brands now choose to label their products as such, but there are also boutique companies that make their products with this in mind. Most of these companies are founded by allergy sufferers with severe nut allergies. It is important to know the boundaries of nut free labeling. Before you make a change, consider asking friends or family members if they have any nut allergies.

You may not realize that a lot of processed foods contain nuts. Some of these products have come into contact with nuts through cross-contamination. Avoid baked goods from supermarkets and bakeries, and don’t eat homemade candies unless they’re made by a certified nut-free company. You should also read the labels on foods and products made by major manufacturers or small bakeries, as they could be contaminated with nuts.

Nuts can be a good source of fiber and vegetarian protein. If you’re allergic to nuts, you may also want to eat whole grains or soy products instead. Nuts are also an excellent source of omega-3 fats and can help you lose weight. However, you should not stop eating nuts all together. If you’re not sure about your nut allergy, try observing the foods that your friend eats and see what you can find on your own.

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