Ginger Chocolate & Orange Granola + Maple Pecan Granola | My Favourite Breakfast!

This Ginger, Chocolate & Orange Granola is the perfect pick-me-up first thing on a morning. Or, perhaps you’re a fan of the classic combo; Maple Pecan Granola. Well then, you are in luck.

What’s better than granola? Two types of granola!! I’d planned on making these for breakfast, but they are so good that I’m snacking on them all hours of the day. Crisp and crunchy; both pack a real flavour punch. Especially the ginger and orange one, it’s the Chuck Norris of breakfast cereal!

Not only are they delicious; there are also options for oil free and no refined sugar. It probably goes without saying, but these are both are 100% vegan granola! (gluten free too!). The oil free granola is based on a recipe from @LazyCatKitchen; thanks so much for the work you do ❤️

In this video, you’ll learn;
✅ How to make super crunchy granola with ginger, chocolate & orange
✅ How to make deliciously rich Maple Pecan Granola
✅ How to make granola without oil
✅ How to use barberries
✅ The best way to store granola
✅ Surprising uses for aquafaba (chickpea water)
✅ How to get rid of refined sugar in your breakfast
✅ How to use buckwheat groats to make a crunchy treat

A website with printable recipes will happen at some point (this has all turned into rather a large project!) but in the meantime, here’s the ingredients. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions or suggestions

Maple Pecan Granola Ingredients:
60g (⅓ cup) Sunflower Oil
125g (½ cup) Maple Syrup
½ tsp Salt
270g (3 cups) Jumbo Oats
125g (¾ cup) Chopped Pecans
40g (¼ cup) Sunflower Seeds
½ tsp Ground Cinnamon
30g (¼ cup) Dried Cranberries

Ginger, Chocolate & Orange Granola Ingredients:
120g (½ cup) Ginger Syrup
8 tbl Aquafaba
200g (2¼ cups) Jumbo Oats
80g (½ cup) Buckwheat Groats
130g (¾ cup) Chopped Mixed Nuts
2 tbl Dried Orange Peel
½ tsp Salt
6 Chunks of Stem Ginger
100g (½ cup) Dark Chocolate Pieces
30g (¼ cup) Barberries

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Oil Free Granola original recipe:

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00:00 – What are we doing today?
00:57 – Maple Pecan; the perfect pairing
02:51 – The ultimate cereal for grown ups?
07:35 – Getting crispy in here
08:37 – One of your 5-a-day?
09:13 – Did it work?
11:30 – Best way to keep the crunch
12:41 – Eat!

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