Full Day Of Eating | 5 Years Of Intermittent Fasting + My Physique

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What supplements do I take as a vegan?
– B12
– D3 + K2 formula
– Omega 3/ algae DHA (all linked below)
– I also add “Iodized” salt to most of my meals!

Vivolife Protein link & discount code (the one I use)
Use: MILES10 for 10% discount on anything
I used the madigascan vanilla perform in this video 🙂
* Vegan Omega 3, B12 & vit D (with K2) supplement now available

Liquid Gold Tahini (I hope you all enjoy as much as I do):

* USA & Canada shipping currently turned off – we are setting up a USA warehouse so it’s cheaper shipping for you all (but still available to order to Europe & other places from Amazon:

Green Tahini Dressing: (makes 2-3 servings for normal people lol)
– 4-5 TBSP good runny tahini
– 100g fresh parsley
– 3-4 cloves garlic
– juice of 2-3 fresh lemons
– handful fresh dill
– 2 medjool dates
– salt & pepper to taste
– a little water to thin as needed

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How I eat as vegan athlete:

My 4 Fave Vegan Meals:

Love & tahini to everyone 💚

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