Easy Cashew Butter Oatmeal Cookies Recipe [Gluten Free & Vegan]

Cashew butter cookies recipe is easy to make and they are crunchy on the outside and melt in your mouth thanks to the cashew butter, these gluten-free cookies are perfect for those who can not eat gluten and they are much healthier than the usual cookies, just replace the honey with maple syrup and in addition will also be vegan, these cashew butter oatmeal cookies are definitely worth a try, the unusual texture for a cookie will leave you surprised and the temptation to eat more than one will be so much, you are warned!
To make these gluten-free & vegan cashew butter oat cookies follow the steps below:

0:00 Cookies!
0:15 Dry Ingredients
0:50 Wet Ingredients
1:35 Combine
1:57 Shape Them
2:25 Cooking Time


.Oat Flour 200 g
.Rolled Oat 50 g
.Cashew Butter 200 g
.Coconut Oil 60 g
.Almond Milk 50 g
.Raw Cane Sugar 40 g
.Honey (or Maple Syrup) 60 g
.Baking Soda 3 g
.Salt 1 g
.Vanilla Extract 1 Teaspoon

Bake in a preheated static oven at 165 °C / 330 °F for 15 minutes, they should be light golden brown, these cookies will be melt in your mouth cause of cashew butter, if you want to make them crispier just bake them few minutes more or make them smaller or thinner, let set for 10 minutes before move them to the wire rack to make them cool completely, store them like a regular cookies, and to prevent them from absorbing further moisture you can put them in a container with an airtight seal, perhaps alternating them with layers of kitchen paper, they will be good for at least 2/3 days, enjoy!

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