“Dr. Gundry – Is it bad to eat eggs EVERY day?” (and other questions) | Ep177

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Full show notes and transcript:
It’s Q&A time!
On this episode of The Dr. Gundry Podcast, I answer more of YOUR questions – straight from social media and Apple Podcast reviews.
Your questions inspire me! And some of your questions have inspired everything from stand-alone podcast episodes to segments of my books.
So keep writing in with anything YOU’RE curious about.
On this episode you’ll learn:
One of the BEST sweet treats you can have on the PP Program (you can find it at local grocery stores and even gas stations) (0:30)
Why I warn all of my patients about THIS popular nut (and how to tell if it’s safe you YOU) (2:00)
The exciting foods I’ve added to my YES list (and the BEST ways to fit them into your diet) (4:00)
Why I no longer approve of THIS popular snack (and the replacement that will make you forget all about it)(5:30)
The RIGHT way to prepare mushrooms (and some of the healthiest mushrooms you can eat) (7:00)
Why your supplement routine matters – and 2 tips for getting the most out of your supplements (10:00)
Where to find my deep dive into all things Spirulina and Chlorella – and the brand I recommend most(11:00)
Why I recommend THIS to some of my patients with high cholesterol (it’s easily accessible and incredibly effective) (12:00)
The REAL reason to eat eggs (it’s not for the protein) – and how many eggs is too many (15:00)
How this extremely popular drink is destroying your health (and possibly leading to weight gain) – and what to drink instead(21:00)
The SINGLE most important ingredient you can add to your diet to support a healthy thyroid (and where to get it)(23:00)

Mentioned on this episode:
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The Energy Paradox: What to Do When Your Get‑Up‑and‑Go Has Got up and Gone – (order here!)

165: Would you eat algae?

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