Dairy Free Gluten Free Easy Essentials Flying Thermingos

Flying Thermingo Team presents this fun and informative Mix and Match Dairy Free Gluten Free cooking workshop.

We will be looking at a beautiful and easy artisan gluten free bread made by Donna. Donna shows us how we can make cost effective and impressive artisan bread from home.

Heidi shows us her favourite quick and easy cashew milk, which saves time and money not to mention all the packaging of DF milks at the supermarkets!

Heidi converts this cashew milk into a DF bechamel handsfree, and creates a beautiful creamy sauce to cover her steamed asparagus. This sauce is perfect for DF lasagnes and more, and the flavours can be adapted to suit your tastes.

Tifini explores DF GF spreads and shows us a seasonal coriander pesto which would be great in a pasta sauce, as a dip or on Donna’s GF artisan bread! Tifini also shows us the ABC nut butter spread which is handy for snacks, added to smoothies and sauces and full of nutrients.

Jess shows us a gluten free pasta dough that is perfect to roll out easily into lasagne sheets or for the more advanced inclined you can create fettuccini with a pasta machine (available from The Mix Shop)

With Thermomix you can grind and mill any seed or pseudo grain to create any gluten free flour from scratch in minutes.

Jess makes a kimchi queso GF DF dip and converts it into a pasta sauce, which is a versatile recipe that can be adapted to flavours that you enjoy.

Donna shows us the high heat function with sauteed capsicums, which is a great way to add flavour to our cooking. These capsicums, or any vegetable you sautee, could be added to your lasagne, pasta dishes, sandwiches, salads or to a platter with the GF bread, olives, home made dukkah and coriander pesto.

If you would like to learn more, contact your consultant and let them know. We can help you with virtual cook a long workshops, virtual personalised sessions and in person personalised sessions.

If you would like to have fun, learn lots, develop yourself and earn an income while sharing the Thermomix love, please be in contact with your consultant to find out more! At the end of this presentation you will learn more about the $125 business starter kit, which includes the beautiful 20th Anniversary Cookbook for the month of September! The kit is valued at over $400 this month and normally $370.

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We look forward to seeing you at our future sessions and remember, you can qualify for virtual host rewards at our sessions, just ask your consultant how you do that.

Brought to you tonight by :

Jess Fabian ~ Team Leader Flying Thermingos (part of the Southern Sapphires Branch)

Donna Briggs Wilson, Tifini Davis and Heidi Schulze.


Here is a list of the Recipes we demonstrated or referred to:

If you don’t have cookidoo account please have a 30 day free trial to access the recipes and ask your consultant how to make the most of Cookidoo or attend our Branch upcoming Cookidoo session on Oct 14th
Cookidoo can be accessed from your phone, tablet or TM6 screen and makes life a lot easier!! and is only $49 for a 12 month subscription


Artisan Gluten Free Bread

Cashew Milk

Rice Milk

Almond Milk

Dairy Free Bechamel

Vegan Butter

Coriander Pesto

ABC Nut Butter

Gluten Free Pasta dough

Boiled Pasta method

Kimichi Queso Dip I add 300g water and 1 min cook time to convert this to a pasta sauce. Omit kimchi and replace with alternate flavours of choice or lower kimchi quantity for less spicy sauce.

Gluten Free Flour mix

Gluten Free flour b.

Cauliflower pizza crust

Gluten Free Pizza

High Heat Sauteed Capsicum

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