Cutest Halloween Chocolate Bats #shorts

Cutest Halloween Chocolate Bats #shorts
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These Halloween Chocolate Bats make the PERFECT festive snack for your little one. Please share with all of your parent friends, so all their kiddos can enjoy this cute Halloween Treat ( and activity) all in one!

**For anyone with a NUT ALLERGY you can make a great substitute using mini cupcakes, or any nut-free chocolate that’s in the shape of a little cup. **

8 Mini Reese’s Cups
8 Oreo Cookies ( or any circular cookie)
Candy Eyes ( the ones in video are from Bulk Barn)
Chocolate Decorating Icing ( any melted chocolate will work too)

Remove cups from wrapper.
Add Icing ( or melted chocolate) on top of Mini Reece’s .
Open Oreo and break both sides evenly in half (if Oreo breaks unevenly consider it a chefs treat).
With the Icing add two dots for the eyes in between the wings at the center or the Mini Reese Cup.
Stick on White Candy Eyes.

Enjoy and follow for more.


Credit *- This Idea was inspired from a Pinterest post & “berry and boards” on Tik-tok.

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