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How To Make Homemade Frosted Pumpkin Cookies

This article has my favorite recipe for making homemade frosted pumpkin cookies along with 3 variations on the recipe. Great cookie recipe for fall and holiday baking.

Maple Chicken Recipe

Would you like to learn how to make maple chicken? Read this article for more details.

Authentic Italian Recipes to Make Yourself a Great Pizza

When you think of Italy, it conjures up the image of delicious food. Pizza, pasta, coffee – the Italian style of eating is luxurious and indulgent, made with the best ingredients, from the first starter to the main courses through to a delicious dessert. Pizza is the most recognisable and famous dish from the Italian region for good reason, and nothing beats an authentic pizza recipe.

Healthy Juicer Recipes

When it comes to healthy juicer recipes, many people tend to get confused because it’s a new concept for most. Of course everyone is familiar with fruit juices such as orange, apple and grape varieties. But when talking about juicer recipes, many incorporate the use of green and colorful vegetables.

What Is Maca? Including Chocolate Banana Maca Shake Recipe

What is Maca? What are the health benefits of maca? What is the easiest way to include maca in your diet including a simple recipe?

How to Make Fondant: A Guide

Fondants are those sweetish little white things that we usually see adorning cakes as icings or decorations, or as specialty candies. The ingredients are surprisingly easy to find, but the preparation time can be extensive.

How to Make a Delicious Fish Cake

Commonly, fish cakes are made from salt fish, flour and seasonings. This kind of food is very popular in the Caribbean, known for its different names such as stamp and go, cod-fish cakes and rissoles. Fish cakes are fried in hot oil until golden brown. This tasty food is normally cut to bite sizes which make it perfect as an appetizer.

Chinese Recipe: West Lake Fish In Vinegar Sauce

Zhejiang, being the Land of Fish and Rice, has a wide variety of fish dishes. One of the famous fish dishes is a local delicacy from Hangzhou, which is the West Lake Fish in Vinegar Sauce or the Xi Hu Cu Yu. Here, I take you through the history of the dish and show you how to prepare this delicacy in your own home.

Broil Your Fish for Simultaneous Crunchiness and Juiciness

Fish is one of the most delectable proteins that you could possibly hope to eat. But if you are eating seafood a couple of times a week, as is recommended by many health officials, you can start to get a little bit bored with all of the standard recipes that you find yourself preparing week after week. You keep doing the same pan-frying of white fish, the same boiling of clams, or the same grilling of salmon. You want to do something different to spice up the routine.

Keep Warm in the Winter With Southwestern Chicken Soup

Winter has arrived in my area. We have had our fourth snow storm in six weeks. When this kind of weather hits, my mind turns to soup and all the warm feelings we get from eating it. Before you say I can’t make soup, it’s to much work, let me give you a few short cuts that allows you to spend less time in the kitchen, while getting all the complements on what a great cook you are.

Italian Recipes for Fine Dining

Italian cuisine is a delicious, almost indulgent style of cuisine, for when you want some high quality dining. Far more than simply pizza or pasta, Italian food gives a real appreciation for great food, done the Italian way. From the apertivo (aperitif) to the desserts, then a dolce (sweet dessert), and caffe and digestivo, and with so many aspects to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start if you want the classic Italian dining experience.

Super Side Dishes: Easy, Different Sides to Dazzle Your Family or Guests

Dinner can be glamorous yet easy: grill or simply cook a good cut of meat or fish. Desserts are easy: buy something great or serve an easy favorite, like ice cream, cupcakes or sweet fresh fruit. Add the sizzle with unusual side dishes that turn regular vegetables and grains into works of arts. Don’t fall into the habit of serving the same old salad, potatoes, steamed veggies and the like. With great side dishes, you can make the lighter, healthier side dishes the star of the meal.

Quick and Easy Italian Recipes

For fine dining, you can’t go wrong with Italian cuisine. Far more than simply pizza and pasta, Italian food reflects shows a real appreciation for quality food, the Italian way being to take your time while dining. From the apertivo (aperitif), then the antipasto (appetiser), only then is the true first course, primo, then secondo, and then you can have the main event at last!

Check Out These Great Italian Recipes for Soups ‘n Salads

You can’t go wrong with Italian cuisine when you want some high quality dining. Far more than simply pizza or pasta, Italian food reflects gives a real appreciation for quality food, done the Italian way. Beginning with the apertivo (aperitif), then the antipasto (appetizer), only then do you move on to the true first course, primo, then secondo, and only then do we have the main event at last!

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