Cream Cheese Fruit Cake!

3 Easy To Make Pork Chop Recipes For Family Dinners

As a busy mother, grandmother and wife, I am always looking for easy to prepare dinner recipes that I can make for my family that don’t take a lot of effort or time. Each of these three recipes will make 4-6 servings. If you have any leftovers, you can refrigerate them for up to 3 days or freeze them in a freezer safe container for up to 3 months.

Tabbouleh Recipe – Brewster Flats Adventure, Cape Cod

When the earth breathes, the water on Brewster Flats drains into Cape Cod Bay leaving a mile wide swath of wavy sand where fiddler crabs scurry sideways and buried clams squirt streams of salty water at my unsuspecting toes. I dance across the sand like a young girl investigating an undersea kingdom now exposed like the Red Sea which Moses parted until I come to the water’s edge, a mile now offshore, removed from its original holding ground. Imagine my delight when I discover in the now shallow liquid domain, a horseshoe crab all ancient and dinosaurish…

Sugar Free Homemade Granola

Granola made without sugar can be hard to come by. The brands in the grocery stores are loaded with it, so making it from scratch is really your best bet…and, it saves you money as the ingredients purchased in bulk would easily double the amount you could purchase in the store for the same recipe. Utilize this recipe as a base and change up the nuts/seeds/dried fruits and spices to your liking.

Feeding A Family of Four – Making Pizza Dough Is Simple

Pizza is a food that can make your budget last. It is quick and easy to make and very inexpensive. You can put any topping you like or you can have each person put their own favorites on.

Asparagus With Tasty Sauce

Fresh asparagus is a delicious addition to any meal. This recipe is easy to do and always enjoyable. I love to dip my asparagus ends into mayonnaise (using fingers), although all of the suggestions below are great! Try the one with sauteed mushrooms.

Kumquat Candy, Cocktails, And More

The petite size, brilliant orange color, and memorable sweet-tart flavor of kumquats make them an exotic treat that’s a natural for candies, cocktails, and more. Here are some simple ways to use these unique fruits for spectacular results.

Iron Rich Chicken Liver Recipes

Chicken liver is one of nature’s best iron rich foods. It is loaded with iron and can be a key tool in fighting iron deficiency and iron deficiency anemia. With chicken liver, we recommend that you buy organic. There have been studies that show an increase in arsenic in chicken liver from non-organic chicken because of the level of arsenic in non-organic chicken feed. If you can find it, we also recommend that you buy liver from free range chickens. This liver is likely to be higher in beneficial fatty acids such as the health Omega 3 fats. Here are three quick chicken liver recipe ideas to add to your collection.

Chile’ Con Queso

Enjoy this fiery cheese dip recipe from Spain, brought home to my family years ago. It has since become a favorite for parties and sporting events in my home. I am often asked to bring this to a party because everyone loves it!

Clam Recipes For An Iron-Rich Diet

Clam is a mineral-rich food with many possibilities for enjoying. The recipes below are a few quick recipes using fresh clam. You may substitute for canned clam if fresh clam is not available.

Iron Rich Liver Recipes

Liver is a powerful iron rich food but many people do not know how to prepare it well. Here are some quick and easy liver ideas for someone struggling with an iron deficiency Liver and Bacon: Use one pound of beef liver, sliced, with the membrane removed. Set the liver in a casserole dish and cover each piece of liver with one or two strips of bacon.

Spiced Baby Artichokes

Here is a wonderful alternative to plain artichokes that my mother used to make. These are tender, tasty, and not hard to make!

Lobster Recipes – Mouth Watering and Healthy Seafood Recipes

Among the easy recipes for lobster is the lobster curry. What you need is a lobster, 2 onions, an ounce of butter, a table spoon of curry powder, half a pint of stock, and some lemon juice. Remove the meat from the shell and cut it into pieces. You can do this after you put the onions to fry in the pan with some butter. Make sure that the onions are nice and pink and transparent before you do add the other ingredients. Add in the curry powder and the stock and allow the mixture to simmer for some time till it thickens.

How To Cook Chelo Nachodo

“Chelo Nachodo” is really the Afghan term for chicken and chick pea stew with rice prepared in a manner inherently “Afghan”. This dish is thought to have its origin within the early Jewish culture and later spread to the Arab world. Whatever the case may be, you are sure to find this special “chicken stew” a special treat from the Middle East.

Tortilla Chicken Recipe With Southern Egg Bread For Dressing

Scald the cornmeal with boiling water. Cool. Mix eggs, buttermilk, shortening and baking powder. When cold add cornmeal mixture of milk and blend completely. Pour into a buttered pan and bake for 25 minutes in moderately hot oven.

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