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Emphasizing Vegetables Through Grilled Fresh Vegetable Salad Recipe

During our childhood days, often times we get irritated by the commands of our parents to eat our vegetables. Because of the ordeal, we created few ways to eliminate vegetables in our plates every meal, like tossing the vegetables under the table, feed them to the dogs or throwing them in the garbage, while mom is not looking.

Bring Out the Best Smoking Succulent Grilled Pork Chops

People just cannot get enough of grilling. There must been a million grill recipes out there. Practically, almost any kind of food could be grilled – from different types of meat and seafood to certain kinds of fruits and vegetables.

Cakes For Any Occasions

Cakes are made with love and effort. Every celebration that happens in your house is not complete without cakes. Homemade cakes recipes are easy to bake and your family and friends will surely love it.

No-Knead Bread – A Great Recipe for Baguettes

This is a really simple recipe for no-knead bread that makes crusty chewy baguettes that go well with everything from just butter to soups, dipping oils and stews. It is not an artisan bread and doesn’t require nearly the same level of skill or knowledge about the subject.

Asian Fish Curry Recipe

Asian curries are known the world over to be hot, spicy and very flavorful. The truth is that Asian curries are very different depending on where they originate. People in the West have experienced curries mostly from the Northern Sub-Continent.

Revealed – Foods That Make You Happy

When last have you stopped and reflected, I am so happy for happiness sake? Serotonin a neurotransmitter in the brain that is associated with an amino acid we get from everyday food. Lucky for you and me, we can now take action to control our own happiness by eating foods high in the amino acid tryptophan, which our brains use to produce serotonin.

Free Fish Recipes

It’s hard to beat fresh fish, especially when it is cooked in a unique way to maximize the flavor. Here are some free fish recipes that are sure to be a hit for any seafood enthusiast.

Unique Mushroom Recipes

I have been a fan of mushrooms ever since I can remember. This has led me on the search for unique ways to use mushrooms in my culinary pursuits. Here are two great recipes that I have uncovered that are sure to please any mushroom lover.

Boiled Fish – Sinigang Na Isda

Sinigang Na Isda or boiled fish is one of the most popular fish dishes from the Philippines. Delicious fish served in sour soup, it is very nutritious and easy to prepare at home. It is definitely a treat for all the fish lovers willing to enjoy the traditional flavor of the Filipino cuisine.

Beef With Leeks – Karne Con Kutsay

Karne con Kutsay or Beef with Leeks is a popular beef recipe from Philippines. Use of soy sauce, kutsay or leeks, and red bell pepper (pimiento) in this dish make it more delicious and provide it a unique Filipino flavor. It is, no doubt, a must-try recipe for all the beef lovers.

Beef Stew Or Karne Asada – How To Make It

Karne Asada is the regional name for beef stew in the Philippines. Although, it is just the simple beef stew served on your dinner table but ingredients such as Patis, lemon juice, Maggi and Soy Sauce, and the method of preparation add a distinct Filipino taste to it.

Pork Chinese Style – Asadong Baboy

Pork Chinese-Style, regionally called the Asadong Baboy, is one of the most popular meat dishes of the Filipino Cuisine. The marinade made using soy sauce, brown sugar, and white wine makes the pork delicious and offers it a distinct flavor. A simple recipe to serve 6 is as follows.

How to Grill Steak on a Panini Press

If you want a quick easy and healthier way of cooking your steak you might want to try a panini press. Your steak will come out juicy and delicious. In this article you will find a recipe to show you how.

Greek Salad With Grilled Chicken Diet Friendly Recipe

In this recipe, you will be cooking a skinless chicken, this is quite good for you because with the skin removed the chicken will now have a fewer calories since the skin has higher calorie content compared to the meat of the chicken. Remember, you are also cooking salad that can go with the chicken, so better buy fresh vegetables in the market.

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