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Simple Icy “ABC”

Need something simple, really cool and refreshing? How about the cheaper but no less tasty version of ice cream.

Low Fat Fried Potatoes

Everyone loves fried potatoes but not that they are fattening. My dad use to say, it’s not the potato that will make you fat, it’s what you do to it. Well, these potatoes have less than 3g of fat per serving and are moist on the inside, slightly crisp on the outside and full of flavor. The recipe makes a lot but they re-heat so nicely you’ll want to have some for leftovers.

Black Truffle Cleaning and Recipes

Learn how to clean the black truffle properly. Also, some recipes how to enjoy this delectable tuber! The black truffle is king in the kitchen as the white truffle is queen!

Asparagus Recipes

Asparagus Recipes are made asparagus which is a spring vegetable. Asparagus belongs to the lily family and is a flowering perennial plant. It is generally grown as a temperate crop but also has the potential of being grown as a tropical crop.

Russian Food – How to Make the Perfect Pelmeni

There are many amazing Russian foods, but few are as delicious as pelmeni. They are a very popular dish throughout Russia and have a long history that can be traced back to their origins in Siberia.

How to Make Almond Milk – In 8 Easy Steps!

In this article I will show you how easy it is to make almond milk in your own kitchen! Nut milk is a creamy delicious alternative to cows milk full of vitamin E and heart healthy fats! And it’s really easy to make.

Lemonade Juice Can Boost Your Health

All of us are so familiar of that sweet and sour tasting faded colorless kind of delicious juice? Yes, it’s indeed a fact, that having lemonade really rejuvenates and makes you feel fresh all day long. It is truly an amazing magical power that this juice is packed with.

Cherry Squares Toaster Oven Recipe

Here’s a cherry squares toaster oven recipe for people with the sweet tooth. This is a layered bar cookie that is top with cherry frosting. You may try doubling the frosting for this toaster oven recipe to create a more enjoyable treat.

Fun Halloween Recipes To Try

There are many exciting Halloween recipes to experiment with. This is a brief overview of a few Halloween recipes to spook up your holiday.

Convection Oven Recipe – Roasted Beef Tenderloin With Sour Cream Sauce

This convection oven recipe will requires a preparation time of 15 minutes. Overall total cooking time about 60 minutes.

Gourmet Cook Book

Do you have dreams of being able to cook like a top chef and become a star in the kitchen? If you truly want to dazzle your friends and family, with your culinary accomplishments, then you are going to need a gourmet cook book.

Arabic Sayyadeyeh – Quick and Easy Fish Recipe Made From Scratch

Sayyadeyeh is best cooked for someone. Although having said that, it’s quite nice all to yourself too. I keep the skin for the fish oils and cook it with the fish. Cooked fish is OK for this meal, for example, if you have leftovers.

Cauliflower Or Broccoli and Macaroni

Cauliflower or Broccoli and Macaroni is a peasant dish for everyone. I will tell you how to make it — very very simple.

The Wild West Recipe of Texan Garlic Grilled Steak

Texas is the second largest state in the United States and in terms of population, it also ranks second among the other states. They say that everything is bigger in the state of Texas. Well, they have evidences to back such claim.

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