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Homemade Japanese Nigiri Sushi Recipe

If you have been in Japan, I’m sure that you have dined in at some kaiten sushi restaurant (kaiten means spin or rotate). To be honest, I like eating at the kaiten sushi restaurants more than eating at fancy sushi shops. I have dined in many fine sushi shops but what I like about the kaiten sushi is that it keeps my eyes fascinated chasing the sushi plates moving on the conveyor.

Delicious Japanese Oden Recipe That Will Keep You Warm In Winter

There is a vast variety of dishes that Japanese cuisine offers. There are also many regional specialties. Having lived in Japan for many years taught me which dishes are best for summer and which are best for winter.

Tex Mex and Mexican Food Are Different Cuisines

Today nearly every great city in the world has a restaurant that bills itself as Mexican cuisine. In reality, much of what passes for Mexican in international settings is actually an amalgam of recipes that has come to be known as Tex Mex.

Rib Rub Recipe: Delectable Barbecue Ribs With the Rub

Gradually smoked barbecue ribs are a form of art, and smoked ribs have plenty of various schools in this old custom. The most obvious difference between these presentations is the rub that is used – they can be range from hot, spicy, sweet, and of course, excellently fitted to your tastes. Looking for the rub that is right for you can seem like a tedious task, but it is well worth it.

Korean Beef Short Ribs

Bulgalbi or Korean Ribs are an excellent delicacy. Prepared normally from beef short ribs, these delicious ribs are cut into thin slices of meat to cook fast sans the trickiness you’d get otherwise. If you want to get good, thin strips with the bone on one end, you should butterfly the rib.

Italian Recipes – Great Soups to Feed Your Family

For classic great food, you can’t beat a good Italian. This is a glorious European cuisine going back millennia, influenced by ancient, medieval and more contemporary influences. Here’s a couple of quick recipes for some Italian soups to enjoy with your family.

Try This Greek Recipe For Moussaka

When you think of Mediterranean or Greek cuisine, you’ll think of all kinds of wonderful ingredients, the olive oils, feta cheese, grains, herbs and a wide range of meats. Here we’re going to look at a recipe for moussaka, a classic dish well-known as a popular Greek dish.

An Amazing Greek Recipe To Show Off

Think of Mediterranean or Greek food, and the image of a wide range of delicious foodstuffs will come into your head- olive oils, fresh vegetables, feta cheese, and of course, all kinds of seafood. In this article I’m going to take you through how to make a wonder Mediterranean stuffed trout with all the trimmings.

Keeping It Mallow

Happy Thanksgiving all. As I sit here, I just put my turkey in the oven. I brined it overnight and excited for how it will turn out.

An Italian Recipe For a Gorgeous Dessert

Italian food is famed throughout the world for the delicious pastas, pizzas and seafood. With so much choice, Italian cuisine is an indulgent food that makes for great, luxurious dinners with many courses. This ain’t fast food!

Italian Recipes for Making Pizza From Scratch

A delicious pizza is a great family meal, and is fun to make as well. Here we’re going to look at how to make a pizza from scratch, starting off with the dough, and then topping it off to make a classic Italian pizza.

Cooking Quinoa – Stay Healthy and Fit

Nowadays, everyone is trying to go back to nature. Many people are looking for healthy and natural food which is full of vitamins and proteins.

Two Delicious Pansit Bihon Recipes

Pansit bihon is very thin rice noodles that is very popular in the Philippines. Pansit bihon is another favorite dish when it comes to special occasions in the Philippines. The Chinese were the one who introduced noodles to the Philippines and have since been adopted for local cuisine.

The Mild Flavor and Firm Texture of Alaska Pollock Make It a Versatile Food Option

The delicate texture and mild flavor of Alaska Pollock ensures that most people, even those that are not huge fans of seafood, can enjoy the taste and health benefits of this particular species of seafood. Because of its firm texture, you can cook it in a variety of different ways, including grilling, baking, poaching, or even deep-frying. Given its versatility as an ingredient, you can find the Alaska Pollock on the menus of not only five star restaurants, but also on the menus of fast food chains. It can be served as the main entree with rice and steamed vegetables for a healthier option, or it can be served deep-fried to a golden crisp as fish and chips. Whatever your preference for your whitefish, it is possible to prepare it in that manner.

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