Brandy Soaked Christmas Cake (Gluten Free)


450 grams raisins
175 grams sultanas You may substitute fruit for your choice
50 grams dried cranberries
50 grams dried apricots diced

200 ml apricot brandy

100 grams almond flour These are the flours I used, you could substitute
100 grams organic light buckwheat flour
25 grams millet flour

1/2 tsp salt
2 tsp nutmeg
2 tsp allspice

175 grams demera sugar

4 large eggs
1 Tblsp. Molasses

225 grams butter
50 grams chopped (nut of choice)

Zest from one lemon and 1 orange

1. Place dried fruit in large bowl and cover with brandy, soak over night

2. Preheat oven 275 F

3.Sift dry ingredients together

4 Warm butter and molasses beat eggs good and while beating slowly add warmed butter and molasses

5. Fold in soaked fruit and zest

6. Line tin (angel food or spring form cake pan) spread mixture in and smooth top, cover with parchment paper with hole in cent top

7 Bake 4 hours, till springy to touch, cool, wrap in brandy soaked cheese cloth, than wax paper and put in cool dark place for one month

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