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3 Unusual Tomato Recipes

Tomatoes are great, but short of chopping them up, making them into a soup, or making pasta sauce with them – we don’t really have a clue. Well I’m here today to add a little variety back into your tomato cooking and show you 3 unusual and unique recipes for those fresh tomatoes you harvested from the garden.

A Southern New Year’s Tradition

Hoppin’ John is the name of this dish, and it’s meant to bring those who eat it wealth and good luck in the year to come. Have a safe and happy new year!

Coconut Chicken With Sunbutter Sauce

An allergy friendly update on classic chicken fingers. Made with no gluten, dairy or nuts, this recipe is safe and delicious!

Italian Meatball Recipe

Meatballs are the most popular and well-liked Italian dishes across the world. Meatballs can be prepared with any kinds of meat such as beef, pork or turkey. Italian meatballs could be the favorite appetizer which you can serve at parties, family reunions or any holiday gatherings. Italy is a huge region and Italian food is a great ethnic food. Italian food is well known worldwide for its scrumptious pastas, delicious pizzas and tasty meatballs.

A Homemade Recipe To Make With Your Children

The family dinner is a great time to bond with your children, and even better if you can prepare dinner together. Here I will show you a great little side dish the kids will love and you can enjoy the act of preparation together.

Tips for a Perfect Deep Fry Batter

Whether you are looking to deep fry vegetables, meat, or pastries, you need to consider a few items to ensure that your gourmet creation is preserved in the deep fat frying process. First and most important is the proper deep fat frying equipment. Whether you use an actual deep fat fryer or a deep fry pan, the oil you use will determine either help or hurt you.

Tips for the Perfect Deep Fried Pickles

No one was more surprised than I to discover the mouth watering taste of a perfectly deep fried pickle! Pickles – Good. Deep Fried Food – Good. Deep Fried Pickles – HEAVEN!! I would personally love to thank the person who was so bored as to experiment and come up with this wonderful concoction!

Tips For The Perfect Christmas Dinner Trimmings

OK, so you’ve decided on your favourite Christmas turkey recipe – but what about those all-important side dishes? Here’s some simple and easy to follow tips that will make sure your Christmas meal is one to remember. Perfect turkey gravy For most people this is the highlight of any Christmas dinner, so anything watery or full of unappetizing lumps is sure to be a disappointment.

Almond Pear Cardamom Pancakes

A unique way to feature pears in a healthy and delicious gluten, free, grain free and dairy free breakfast treat. Sweet, exotic and they wont spike blood sugar levels.

Everyday Turkey Recipes

Although everyone has their favourite Christmas turkey recipe, there’s much more to turkey than the traditional Christmas feast. It’s versatile and great value, making it ideal for everyday meals. Here are a few ideas for when you’re running low on inspiration.

Praline Pecan and Candied Pecans Recipes

These recipes are ways to winning one’s heart when given as a gift to special someone. In fact, praline pecan is an inherited candy from French chef.

Why People Love Fresh Alaska Salmon

Anyone who loves seafood surely loves fresh salmon. It is said amongst those who know best that the very best of the best comes from the icy waters of Alaska. One of the best things about the product is that it’s guaranteed fresh and wild caught, meaning that the taste, texture and color are way better than anything raised on a farm. This is thanks in part to the sustainability legislation put into place by the state of Alaska in 1959, stating that seafood species’ populations must be healthy and sustainable. That increases tenfold the amount of fresh caught, wild and delicious product coming from the icy Alaskan waters. Want to know why wild Alaska salmon is so sought after for yourself? The only way to truly know is to taste it!

Try Canned Salmon for Dinner Tonight

If something absolutely delicious was also really good for you, you’d want to know about it, right? If it was also really easy to prepare and came in a can, but still tasted just as delicious, wouldn’t it be even better? If all it took were some easy recipes to get anyone started on being happier, healthier, and better fed, wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing? Luckily, these things are all a reality with making recipes using canned salmon! A great source of nutrients like calcium, Omega 3 fatty acids, protein, vitamins A and B and more, salmon is an excellent choice for any meal. Adding it to one’s diet 2 to 3 times a week, however, can produce long term health benefits unparalleled by many other foods! Get started with some cans of salmon, and some of these easy recipes right away!

Spice Up A Party With Delicious Crab

There are many different occasions for parties, and many people find that there can be all too many invitations that they receive. There is nothing worse than having to sit through a dull party waiting for a time that is socially appropriate to leave. In order to do this, it will be necessary to come up with hooks that will draw folks’ attention, and make the event an evening to remember. One way that you can do this is by purchasing delicious seafood that attracts attention from guests. Crab is a delicious treat that guests enjoy, but if you do so then make your crab sustainable.

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