Bacon Wrapped Mini Peppers

These Bacon Wrapped Mini Peppers are stuffed with cream cheese that’s been mixed together with Everything Bagel seasoning. Prepped and baked in under 1 hour, this easy appetizer features the perfect combination of flavor and texture.

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These Bacon Wrapped Mini Peppers are a delicious  And easy-to-make low-carb appetizer perfect for serving at parties. To make them, cut five mini peppers in half lengthwise  Then de-seed and devein each of them. Make the filling by mixing together shredded cheese,  Cream cheese and no-salt everything bagel seasoning,  Before spooning that filling into each pepper. Wrap the peppers with some lightly-cooked bacon slices  And secure the slices with a toothpick. Transfer the Bacon Wrapped Peppers to a baking sheet  And bake at 425 degrees until the bacon is crispy,
which should take about 18 to 25 minutes. Serve the peppers with Everything Bagel Dip
and enjoy! [Cheerful music continuously plays then fades]