Amazing Natural Benefits Of Tiger Nuts Milk/ Revive your Drive

Tiger nuts are tubers, like sweet potato, though much smaller in size. They get their name from the stripes on the tubers’ exterior.

Tiger nut is a cheap nutritional core for both the rich and poor, greatly adviced for athletes,pregnant and nursing mothers, sperm count, fertility and libido boost in both men and women, also for individuals hoping to lose or maintain their weight.

tiger nuts contains high levels of vitamins, nutrients and methanolic content which help to elevate the levels of oestrogen hormone in a female, thus making them more fertile and prone to pregnancy.

Tiger nuts when thoroughly blended with dates, coconut and bananas serves as a natural aphrodisiac to both Male & females with low sexual drive. Consuming tiger nut milk drink before sex is very effective in enhancing sexual power, fertility and make them last longer in bed.

How to prepare :

Put the tiger nuts and the water in a bowl, cover with a cloth, and place in the fridge for 3 days while changing the water every morning. The tiger nuts will soften and become more crunchy.
Pour the tiger nut ,add water , coconut, dates and bananas in a blender. Blend on high speed until the mixture looks very smooth and creamy.
Strain the milk through a cheese cloth . Squeeze as much liquid as possible from the pulp.
Add the honey or sweetener, optional.
Chill the tiger nut milk before serving.

Tiger nut milk is the best replacement for cow milk especially for Lactose intolerant/allergy reactions & individuals with celiac disease

Tiger nut milk is good for children as it is a good natural source of magnesium, which is needed by the body to help with muscle and nerve function and for the proper functioning of the immune system.
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