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Palatable Ground Beef Recipe

Are you in search of ground beef recipes? There are many recipes of ground beef available on the internet or in any cookbook. Beef is the ideal ingredient for making numerous non-vegetarian dishes. It is the most versatile ingredient which can be used in many ways. With the availability of ground beef, you can prepare dishes like sandwiches, meatballs, patties or burgers.

The Easiest and Tastiest Salad Recipe and Dressing, Ever

I know that’s a bold claim, but after discovering the beauty of simple salads a few years ago and having experimented with numerous variations, I think I’ve hit upon a great combination of components and dressing that continues to be a hit and makes a regular appearance in our family meals. It’s easy, healthy, quick to put together – all the qualities of a good salad and dressing! You can throw this together in under ten minutes for a quick lunch snack, or to accompany a nice grilled chicken based dinner.

Best Toffee You Will Ever Taste

Try some of the best toffee to make for the holidays or any season! Easy to make with helpful advice.

A Short History of Mexican Cuisine

Mexican is quite famous the world over, but how many of us could claim to know more than a decent chilli-con-carne recipe (everyone has one) or that enchiladas are indeed delicious? Mexican cuisine, recently listed on UNECOs list of intangible cultural world heritage, is known for it’s extensive use of native spices, colourful decoration and simply divine variety of flavours. While the staples of British food are potatoes and meat, America is burgers and fries, and Italy is obviously pasta and tomatoes – the staple of Mexican diet is corn and beans.

Egg Recipe Ideas For The Busy Bachelor

I knew eggs were an excellent source of protein and I also knew that microwaves had the potential to save a lot of cooking time. In my busy schedule though, I never had time to read anything about microwave egg safety. Let me share with you some quick ways to prepare eggs in a microwave so that other young bachelors and bachelorettes don’t have to waste their busy time sopping up egg guts from their microwaves.

Shrimp Salad Recipes From Down-Under

Here is a recipe which may appeal to American dinner guests due to the combination of shrimp and the other “down under” country, New Zealand. The connection may be enough to get a chuckle! This recipe has great contrasts of tasty shrimp, sweet and sour kiwi fruits and spicy mustards. I find it to be a delicious dish to serve outdoors on a warm summer evening.

Tips for the Perfect Roast Chicken Dinner

The traditional family roast is a fantastic time to get everyone round and have a good old chinwag over some delicious food. When I was a student, my housemates and I would get together every few weeks or so and prepare a roast together. It was a great bonding time and those moments are still talked about today.

Use Remaining Turkey To Make Exciting Recipes

When you’ve just had a huge party at your place or a get together, the chances are likely that there will be a lot of leftover food primarily turkey. If you have no other option but to throw the turkey away, stop for a moment. Listed here are some very interesting recipes of the leftover turkey.

Mexican Style Scampi With Tequila

If you are visiting or retiring to Mexico, you will find Seafood along the coastal areas to be outstanding. You can purchase fresh, never frozen shrimp from local vendors daily. All you need is a place to cook it and you will be delighted at the flavors you will find. Shrimp cooked with Tequila, will give you a whole new twist on making scampi.

Slow Carb Cooking: White Chicken Chili

Learn how to cook a chili the slow carb way. This dish will be a great addition to your slow carb dietary plan.

Chocolate Brownies: For Your Kids

We all like chocolates, especially the kids. In fact chocolate recipes are the best way to build relationships and store the good memories. You can prepare the chocolate recipes along with your children or surprise them on some special occasion you will instill in them a sense of being loved.

Two Fried Rice Recipes That Aren’t Chinese

Most people associate fried rice with China, but the fact is there’s a variety of fried rice recipes in other parts of Asia too. I thought I might introduce you to two of them today, since they’re quite delicious and my Chinese wife regularly makes them in addition to her classic egg fried rice. Let’s take a look.

2 Deliciously British Vegetable Recipes

British cuisine is not known the world-over for its deliciousness. Instead, it is accused of being bland and tasteless. Well personally, I find your American McDonald’s hamburgers to utterly tasteless, and don’t even get me started on the “subtle” (read, non-existent) flavours of Japanese food.

Cooking With Kosher Wines

You can do a whole lot more with your kosher wines than just drink them – you can cook with them as well! Here are a few recipes to try out at your next dinner party or family gathering. Once you try these delicious dishes you’ll be buying separate bottles of kosher wine just to cook with!

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