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If You Never Try, You’ll Never Know

So far the Christmas season has been kinda blah. It would be nice if we had a little bit of snow. Not so much that it paralyzes the town, but just enough to get the ball rolling.

Red Hot Relaxation

Random acts of kindness is just the medicine the world needs. During Christmas, we can lose sight of the real reason for the season. Only having the last 6 years worth of Christmases off, I can relate with the sentiment.

Speak Softly and Carry a Big Can of Pan Spray

Of course, you know that, I could not stop at just making divinity. I had to take candy making to the nth degree, and it bit me in the keyster today, and at all times, when we were trying to close. I have incited a fever where I work, and it is the Christmas fever.

Festive Food Gifts

With Christmas being only a few weeks away, this is a fantastic time to get into the festive spirit. It’s time to start planning and preparing those special gifts for family, friends and loved ones.

Dessert Recipes for Kids

I love dessert and so do my kids. Desserts are generally enjoyed by almost all age groups, especially by the kids. Infact kids are the greatest fans of dessert. They get more excited when it comes to cookies, cakes and fudges. They become so addicted to these sweet items that they become keener to have them all the time.

4 Chicken Breast Recipes for Christmas Dinner

Chicken breast recipes are great for any family meal, but when it comes to family holidays, you can’t beat the taste of these boneless and stuffed chicken breast recipes. Check our Christmas dinner recipes below, and you’ll be begging for Christmas to come every day of the year.

Trouble-Free Paleo Diet Recipes You Can Make

When making the change from your fat-and-sugar riddled food regimen to paleo diet recipes, you could end up wincing at the concept of reducing the nice treats which you are used to. Decreased salt as well as lower levels of sugar means that you may have to contend with foods which are not as savory as your old meals.

Low Fat Sweet Potato Pie Recipe

Pies are the most popular desserts and they can be enjoyed by any age group. But have you ever thought of calorie contain of these pies? Yes, pies are always considered to be a rich dessert full with calorie and sugar. So why not try a low fat recipe for pie. Give a good surprise to your family by presenting a low fat sweet potato pie recipe to them.

Tangy Cucumber Dip Or Spread

I won’t let you down and NOT share my recent appetizer recipes. That would just be unfair to you! So, I’ll start at the beginning: l’aperitif! It is my favorite part of the meal (and time of day). This is where my true culinary creativeness explodes. I love savory foods and I love nibbles and snacks. If I lived in Spain I’d be all over those tapas. If I lived in Italy I’d be eating antipasto three times a day.

More Snacks – Flax Seed Crackers Recipe

For more snacks you can try to have on the candida diet, let’s check this article. I eat all nuts except pistachios and peanuts. I try to get them raw and roast them myself because you can choose better oil that way than if you buy them in the canisters. There are also sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. Then, there are rice cakes from the health food store with almond butter. Other nut butters are OK, too, except for peanut. I am beginning to wonder how kosher the rice cakes are.

Potluck Recipes: Dip In And Give Them a Try!

There’s nothing better than a great home-cooked meal. But with so much choice, sometimes it’s handy to just pick a simple and effective, but most of all tasty, meal, get it cooked and get it on the table! So here we’re going to look at a couple of quick and easy recipes for you to crank out- that’s pot luck!

Chicken Apricot Recipe

Chicken with apricot puree and the preparation of beds served with fried almonds and capsicums. The taste has awesome flavor when a served hot. This recipe is widely eaten in North India. This recipe is good for eating on picnics or outings. It tastes best when served with chapatti or roti.

A Mouthwatering Meat Recipe, Get Your Teeth Into This Steak

Here we’re going to look at a recipe for a fine tenderloin steak. We’re going to give the ingredients and process to make one serving, but simply add more fillets and increase the other ingredients accordingly to cook for more hungry mouths!

Check Out This Delicious Creamy Lobster Recipe

Lobster is a glorious indulgent meal to share with your loved ones, the best of shellfish which should be treated with the greatest of care, to provide a fantastic meal, both visually and by taste. When making any lobster dish, the key is to pick a quality lobster to begin with. You don’t need to pick the biggest lobster, size isn’t everything!

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