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Bruschetta Chicken

This brushetta chicken is prepared with grape tomato mixture topping and topped with some mozzarella cheese. You can make this bruschetta with shrimp also. For that you need French bread instead of chicken breast pieces…

Filipino Recipes for a Delicious Dessert

Filipino food is a diverse style of cuisine, drawing both on its traditional Asian roots and the more modern Western influences. Filipino food often provides contrasting flavours, mixing the sweet with the salty, so we’re going to take a look at a couple of recipes for desserts, Filipino style, to see if this even applies to their puddings!

Filipino Recipes for Curry – Diverse And Delicious

If you’ve ever had proper Filipino food, you’d know how diverse a cuisine it can be, with lots of contrasting tastes and complimentary styles that provide a unique culinary experience. Here we’re going to look at a recipe for a fantastic Filipino curry- not as hot as you might expect for Asian cuisine, so any palate will appreciate the fine taste. We’re going to look at a tasty curry featuring Tilapia, which an Asian fish, but you can use any standard white fish in place of it.

2 Delicious and Easy Juice Recipes

Juices are natural, healthy, tasty and easy to make at home from a wide variety of fruits and veggies. Each fruit or vegetable has it own flavour and consistency plus their own combination of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Orange juice, for example, contains good levels of several vitamins, plus potassium, thiamine and phosphorus G, and it’s also an excellent source of antioxidants.

Easy Shrimp Chowder Recipe for Cooks of All Experience Levels

As the cold winter months come rolling in, there is nothing like a delicious cup or bowl of piping hot soup to keep you warm and cozy. Overall, canned soup by itself just does not cut it. For a really tasty meal, you will have to head to the kitchen and whip something up yourself. Obviously, not everyone has the culinary skill sets of a professional chef (or much time to spend cooking). For people who are less than creative in the kitchen, intimidated by the thought of trying out new and fancy recipes, or who are just simply too busy to cook, this accessible recipe for Alaska seafood brand shrimp chowder should do the trick. This quick and easy recipe is delicious and great for cooks of all levels of experience in the kitchen. By cutting corners and using canned soup as a base, this recipe is also perfect for people who are pressed for time – from start to finish, the entire recipe should only take you about half an hour.

Create Delicious New England Style Rolls With Pacific Northwest Crabmeat

More and more frequently, Americans who grew up in New England are moving to the West Coast as they grow older. Many people are finding that there are more job opportunities in big cities in the West, and that the culture is different and exciting compared to where they come from. Still though, native New Englanders miss many things about the places that they come from, including the great food. New England is well-known for its great seafood, but fortunately, the Pacific Northwest has plenty of delicious and fresh seafood as well. Besides Boston’s clam chowder, people who grew up in New England are used to eating Lobster rolls. As these Americans migrate to the Pacific Northwest, many of them are taking that traditional recipe and substituting the lobster with fresh Alaska snow crab to create crab rolls.

Create a Fun, Delicious British-Style Fish and Chips Dinner

Americans have always had strong cultural ties to England, and those ties include many culinary similarities. So it should come as no surprise that Fish and Chips is becoming a very popular dish within the United States, which is also due in part to the popularity of fried foods in the U.S. Still though, many Americans aren’t able to find Fish and Chips in their area, or if they can, it may be prepared in a way that is unhealthy, tasteless or overpriced. By preparing your own Fish and Chips at home, you can save some money and be sure about the quality of the ingredients. All you need to get started is a nice piece of Alaska Pollock.

On a Gluten Free Diet Plan? The Best Gluten Free Cakes Recipes Give Great Textured Flavourful Cakes

For those of you following a gluten free diet plan, try your own gluten free cakes recipes this Christmas. Cakes can be prepared very easily with the large range of mixes available nowadays; they are available in a range of flavors from many different companies.

Warm Up This Winter With Salmon Chowder

The most common way to serve seafood in the United States is to simply grill a large filet of fish and then serve that covered with some type of sauce. However, it grilled fish isn’t a very exciting dish, and it certainly isn’t innovative. If you’re bored with seafood steaks, then there are many other delicious ways to serve fish. With winter coming up, another great way to serve seafood and to make it last a little longer is to put it into a soup or stew. Here are some instructions for how you can make delicious chowder using healthy and fresh Alaska salmon.

Whipping Up a Feast With Canned Seafood

When it comes to preparing a savory and mouth-watering meal, perhaps the canned food aisle of the grocery store isn’t the first spot that most chefs decide to search. And while it makes sense to prefer fresh ingredients, especially during such a boom of locally grown dining, the truth is that sometimes, the true best items actually have to come from further away. For those who are landlocked and know that freshwater fish aren’t going to bring the taste desired for a dish, it makes more sense to go with canned goods from a reputable source, like the state of Alaska, where people take laws seriously and do not overfish. This way, dinner can be both delicious and fair for the environment.

Best Fish Recipes For Your Family

The name Alaska black cod would suggest to most people a meaty, gamey fish with dark flesh, but that is simply because the name is a bit of a misnomer. Alaska black cod is actually a delectable white fish that comes directly from the Alaskan Seaboard, right off of the coast of our most northern state. It is one of the simplest and most delicious kinds of fish that you could ever hope to prepare. It makes for a delicious weeknight meal for your family, and will provide flavors that the entire family will love. This recipe can be adapted to other white fishes as well.

Spice Things Up With This Indian Fish Curry Recipe

If you are in the mood for something super spicy and flavorful, then curry is the way to go. An interesting twist on a recipe that is more commonly known for coming with chicken or beef is to use a white fish like Alaska halibut instead. Not only is this Indian inspired version completely mouth-watering (and potentially face-watering – depending on how hot you make yours, it may literally make you sweat); it is good for you, too.

3 Great Ways to Prepare Alaska Seafood

You will never stop being challenged when it comes to the way you prepare meals for your family. Even people who say they are not picky eaters will eventually become fed up with the same old story week after week. It’s a great idea to mix in seafood at least twice a week, for the sake of both health and variety in your routine. Here are a few recipes from the Alaska cookbook.

Russian Salmon and Potato Salad Recipe to Expand Your Horizons

Salmon is a flavorful fish that is as popular for its mouth watering taste as it is for it many great health benefits. Buying Alaska canned salmon lets you enjoy this fish any time of the year in a number of different recipes. If you are looking to expand your horizons and try something new and a little exotic, this recipe for Russian Salmon and Potato Salad is a great way to do so.

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