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Recipe for Simple Artisan Bread

Simple yet irresistible, this Artisan bread can be easily baked by anyone, anytime. Follow the easy steps below to create your own crusty Artisan bread.

Two Very Quick and Easy Meatball Recipes

Looking for delicious meatball recipes? If yes, then you have come to the right page where you will find two very simple recipes of meatballs. Meatballs, as the name itself suggests are the balls which are prepared with minced meats and some common ingredients like onions, spices and bread crumbs.They are part of several cuisines such as Italian cuisine, Swedish cuisine, Middle East cuisine etc. Every cuisine has their own distinct of preparing meatballs.

Fruit Smoothie Recipes: Healthy Smoothies for Diabetics

You may think that smoothies are sweet concoctions that diabetics should avoid at all cost, and you would be wrong. Even if you have diabetes, you can still enjoy all the benefits of a healthy smoothie. You’ll find many diabetic-friendly smoothie recipes that are low in carbohydrates and fats yet high in vitamins, minerals and proteins.

Lebanese Toum, A Healthy Creamy Whipped Garlic Dip

I have a real eclectic taste when it comes to food, from Chinese, Mexican, Smoked Ribs to Middle Eastern and beyond. I find that I often get addicted to condiment(s) of various cuisines. In this article I will tell you my experience with learning how to make the ULTIMATE Toum, that light, fluffy garlic dip that goes great with shawarma or just a plain old pita.

Baking Bread: Why You Should Consider It

If you have read the ingredients on a typical loaf of store-bought bread lately then you’ve probably realized that most bread is full of corn syrup, refined flours, and preservatives. Unfortunately just one loaf of whole-grain naturally sweetened bread with just a few sensible ingredients can cost upwards of $5 in many areas.

How To Find Delectable Cooking Recipes On The Internet

Do you ever find it hard to look for recipes that can satisfy your palate? Well, you don’t have to worry about it now. You can easily find cooking recipes in the internet for free! You don’t need to go to fine restaurants and pay for these mouth watering dishes at extremely high prices, you can cook them on your own without spending much!

Dijon Mustard Sauce Recipe

Saute an onion; add white wine… reduce, stir in creme fraiche or sour cream and strong (nose tingling) Dijon mustard… simmer. what have you got? Why, French mustard sauce. Well, Anne’s mustard sauce. Doesn’t sound complicated? You are right. It shouldn’t. Most day-to-day French sauces aren’t. Pour over chicken breasts? Yep. That’s easy.

Pastitsio – The Greek Lasagna

Most people think of Italy when they hear “pasta dish”, but there’s a number of other European countries with a strong pasta culture, pasta probably comes from Chinese noodles anyway! Greece is one such country. Today I’d like to show you how to make Pastitsio, which is a baked pasta dish with a meat and bechamel topping that could be vaguely compared to lasagna, though only very vaguely.

Recipe for Asparagus With Lemon

Having such a short season puts asparagus in the posh and elegant vegetables category.  Sure, you can purchase these refined stalks year round, but prices will indicate when they are at their peak. Asparagus is a funny vegetable.

Baked Chicken Tarragon Recipe

There is nothing like a baked chicken for a satisfying and easy meal.  My kids actually beg me to have chicken more often.  Our biggest problem is that everyone (minus moi) fight over getting the drumsticks.

Bechamel Sauce, An Introduction And Recipe

Bechamel sauce is the secret to many recipes in traditional French cuisine. It’s easy and it’s polyvalant, versatile. You can slip it into a lot of recipes. You can make quantities of it and change its flavor in the shake of the wrist: curry powder, nutmeg, tarragon, grated cheese, basil, Mexican or Indian mixed seasonings just to name a few.

2 Lentil Recipes For Meat Eaters

Contrary to popular belief, lentils are not only for vegetarians. There are many recipes that call for lentils as well as meat, and they add a delicate flavour as well as nutritious substance. Here’s a few of my favourites.

How To Make Chicken Paprikash With White Wine

This Wine Lovers Guide is one of those comfort foods that are very good for dinner on a chilly evening. Our Wine Lovers Secret is the addition of Chardonnay in the recipe.

Serving Up Chicken and Rice Dishes

Chicken and rice crock pot recipes need not be difficult to prepare or messy. Create simple chicken and rice crock pot recipes and satisfy your cravings minus the hard work.

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