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Did You Know Spinach CAN Be Delicious? 2 Recipes to Show You How

If there’s one thing I learnt from living in Japan, it’s that a large proportion of the population is going to grow up thinking spinach is horrible. Nearly every day, as part of school lunch, Japanese children are given a bowl of crudely prepared boiled spinach – and understandably it’s disgusting. They still eat it, mind, but only because they can’t say no.

How to Make A Fritatta

A Fritatta is not a Quiche, Pie, Omelette or simple Scrambled Eggs. It is all of those things prepared in an old school and modern way. Ultimately, these ingredients that you have on hand are stretched out to feed your family 1-3 times. It’s smart and extremely tasty. Do not fear the pronunciation of Fritatta. Try this: Free-ta-ta for the old school Italian pronunciation of Free-todd…

Pot Roast in Red Wine

This Wine Lovers Guide is for my family, who are big fans of Pot Roast for dinner. They are even bigger fans of the great cold sandwiches they can make the next day, if there are any leftovers.

Be Careful What You Ask For

We in the Northeast, should be careful for what we ask for! Driving to work was nothing short of aggravating. Just a mere 18 hours ago, you could move around with little effort.

It’s Over Can I Hear an Amen

Well, it’s over!! Yippee! Sorry to all those out there, that I might offend, in advance. What stress this year, and I am not sure why?

Corn, A Gift From Mexico

There are two types of corn, sweet and non-sweet corn. As soon as corn is picked, the kernels begins to turn to starch.When buying corn, the husks should be bright green and not dry.

Yo Had to Know, There Was a Part Two

So I was super excited with my parent’s survival guide, and ready to share it with the people, that I actually come in contact with, and damn it, lo and behold, they have more rules to add. Figures. this is the Parent’s Survival Guide to Christmas 2: My personal guide.

Coffee Makes Everything Better

We have finally hit the countdown till the big day. Soon the kids will be tied down nestled all snug in their beds, with visions of how to get out of bed sugarplums in their heads. Like these two in the picture.

I Overshot a Blue Christmas

Today was similar to standing in the checkout, with one register open. My muscles tight and ready to pounce into a better advantage point. We went to get the Christmas tree, and normally I would inspect and contemplate the perfect tree.

Always a Day Late and a Dollar Short

The biggest party of the Christmas season is happening at this very moment!, and where am I, you ask? I am sitting at home blogging about it.

Sad? You Are Not Alone

Ever have those moments, in life when all that was important at that very second!, is no longer important, with a life changing event. It was not a life changing event for me, per se, it was rather for my youngest son.

Can Someone Please Knock Me Out

Sometimes, I feel that the top of my head might just blow clean off. I am old school kitchen. Not this new tutti-frutti kitchen shtick.

I Got the Dough, Now Let’s Roll

Work was very chaotic today, because single-handed, Mrs. O’Connor came in and ordered 22 dozen Christmas cookies, throwing our mojo all out of whack. I told Jasmine, she better get on the telephone and track down our fearless leader Barb, and give her a heads up on the cookie order.

It Is Sleeting Out, and Not Feeling Like Christmas

What a giant flop this day was! There is a virtual skating rink, just outside my door. I know I said that I enjoy ice skating, but not that much Mother Nature!

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