41 Years Vegan! Dr. Will Tuttle’s Story & Perspectives

Dr. Will Tuttle is author of The World Peace Diet, editor of Circles of Compassion and Buddhism and Veganism, author of Your Inner Islands, and recipient of the Courage of Conscience Award and the Empty Cages Prize. Since 1985, he has delivered 4,000-plus live-audience presentations encouraging compassion and vegan living in all fifty US states and over fifty countries worldwide. In Vegan Voices, Dr. Tuttle’s essay is titled “Zen and the Art of Vegan Living.”

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00:00 When and why did you go vegan?
7:28 What happens when you go vegan?
9:21 What are the most important reasons for you to be vegan?
11:59 Why is it important for others to go vegan?
18:47 What challenges did have you had and how did you overcome them?
19:60 Any Regrets?
20:39 How do you encourage others to be vegan?
24:43 How do you suggest others get started?
33:47 What resources do you recommend?
34:32 Worldwide Prayer Circle for the Animals

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