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Recipes for Christmas Dinner Part 4, Potato Salad

In the final part of our recipes for Christmas dinner, we will learn how to prepare a tasty side dish; potato salad. Potato salads are not only delicious, they are easy to make and store. Kids will love this so if you have children you should be preparing for a bigger serving.

Delicious S’mores Recipes

We all love smores, but everyone has had the original version. In used tent trailers, you don’t always have a kitchen, so outdoor food preparation is ideal! Since a tent trailer sleeps more, you also need a good batch of s’mores to keep everyone happy. Here are three recipes to spice up your camping desserts after a long day around the fire.

Christmas Candy Recipes Part 3

We have come to the final part of our series on Christmas candy recipes. Hope you have enjoyed my previous recipes on caramel popcorn and hard candy so far. We will look at Peanut Patties today to complete your candy menu. Similar to popcorn and hard candy, peanut patties was chosen for its ease of preparation and yet delicious sweet taste. Without further ado, here’s what you need to do.

Recipes for Christmas Dinner Part 3, Gingerbread Cookies

With a fruitcake and roasted turkey from our previous recipes for Christmas dinner, your dinner table is surely looking good. How about adding some cookies to the mix? Gingerbread cookies taste great and share the same theme of healthiness with fruitcakes so let’s see how we can make these little snacks for life after your roasted turkey.

Recipes for Christmas Dinner Part 1, Cooking a Turkey

If you are looking at recipes for a Christmas dinner, start from turkeys. The staple for any Christmas dinner is a big nice turkey stuffed with your favourite fillings (or mine!). No matter where you hail from, turkeys should be available at least during the Christmas season so it’ll be a great idea for you to learn how to cook one for the coming holidays. In the first part of this series of recipes, we will learn how to roast a turkey for Christmas.

Recipes for Christmas Dinner Part 2, Baking a Fruitcake

In part 1 of recipes for a Christmas dinner, we learnt how to roast a simple turkey. This time round, we are going to bake a fruitcake which is equally beginner friendly yet value-added to the table. A fruitcake is chosen here as it is the healthiest and most suitable cake for both your granny and kids. So without further ado let’s take a look on how this is done.

Simple Recipe – Egg Plant Roll

Two big sizes round eggplants. Fillings – Finely grated carrots (two), Finely cut onions (two), Finely cut parsley…

Recipe For Garlic Chicken

Looking for a way to make chicken that is fast and easy? Well this recipe might be the recipe you are looking for.

Bobo De Camarao – A Fantastic Brazilian Shrimp Stew

Bobo de camarao is a shrimp stew dipped in cassava/yuca and coconut puree. Bobo has its origin in west Africa where yam is used instead of cassava. This and many other dishes made their way to Brazil in the slave ships during its colonization days.

Pumpkin Bread – 5 Common Mistakes With Pumpkin Bread Recipes

Are you happy with your pumpkin bread creations? If not, this article will tell you what your mistakes are most likely.

A Favorite Christmas Food Recipe That Will Delight Your Guests

This delicious recipe for classic whole salmon is a favorite Christmas food and you’ll delight your family and friends with a feast that will tickle the palate. No matter whether you’re entertaining many guests or having an intimate meal with close family, this will make a nice dish to set the evening off.

The Famous Banana Bread

The Banana Bread is one of the most famous varieties of bread. This article includes a recipe for Banana bread that is easy to prepare.

Easy Cupcake Recipes For Kids

Children of all ages love cupcakes. This quick and easy cupcake recipe is perfect for children’s parties, tea-time treats or for encouraging children to bake. Uses one bowl, 30 minutes of your time, and a lot of cupcake satisfaction!

Quick and Simple Taco Salad How To

Having friends or family coming over to visit? Not sure what to do for the food entertainment? Don’t want to be on the kitchen while everybody else is having fun? Here is a simple way of making a Taco Salad that your friends and family will enjoy and give you the flexibility to prepare it with plenty of time for you to also be part of the fun.

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